credit Janick Gravel

By far and away the most popular colour at the shows was grey. Not too unusual for the cold weather collections you might think, but this season it’s the way it was styled from tailoring to tracksuit bottoms that boosted it into trend territory: with as many other shades of grey as possible (or all the same hue, if you’re feeling particularly bold).

It isn’t just the sky that will ber grey this Autumn/Winter as its the designers’ colour of choice this season. We know what you’re thinking, grey is always one of those colours that featured prominently for the cold weather collections. The difference this time is the way designers want you to wear it.


credit Janick Gravel

Rather than just as a pair of trousers or a blazer worn with dark denim jeans, this season designers want you to match it up with other shades of grey. For more conservative guys this means a grey suit with a matching grey tie, or by matching your shirt to your outerwear, but for the more adventurous amongst us we are being encouraged us to try clashing patterns of the same shade or by mixing your knitwear.

The only important tip – make sure its the same shade of grey to maximise impact.