….or how to stay looking cool as a cucumber when you’ve finished a half-hour of grabbing, swinging and sweating.

We all know that a gym session leaves your skin confused about how much oil to produce, and your hair a sodden mess. So here’s the low down on products that have got your back so you can fit in those lunchtime sessions without perspiring through those afternoon meetings.

No Sweat

You’ve nailed the kettlebell session but its got your body boiling.  What does your body do?  Produces sweat to chill down.  But if you can’t get your core temperature down, your body will keep producing sweat after you’ve got your work shirt back on.

First off cool your jets…… drink cold water and blast your body with a hair dryer on cool; as the sweat evaporates, so does the heat.  Now, switch your shower tap as far into the blue as you can stand to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce your core body temperature.

Menthol Relaxation

While that sweat you’ve worked up needs a heavy duty shower gel strong proucts will also strip all the moisture out of your skin.  Menthol products will leave your underarms fresh and free from pong, as well as activating cold-sensitive nerve endings, for an instant feeling of cool.

Hair Today

You can see the post-workout flush in the mirror.  But just as this is caused by the blood rushing to your skin, so your scalp is just as flushed – but largely unseen under that matted hair.  Avoid products that increase blood flow, like anti-dandruff or baldness shampoos and anything that foams as it strips hair’s natural oils and moisture. Instead opt for a cleansing cream which hydrates battered hair and makes styling simpler, needing less product.

And while we’re on the subject of hair product, no matter how cold your shower, after an intense session, your body temperature still hovers above the normal range. So don’t weigh your hair down with anything that’s going to melt and drip down your face!  Use a clay-based styling product as opposed to a gel.