brocha-1418468You might not have realised it but this week saw the annual National Badger Day. What has this to do with male grooming we hear you cry? Well, actually quite a lot, because for over 250 years the finest shaving brushes have been made of badger hair and recommended by many as being the best, including myself. However, recently most of the badger hair for brushes comes from China where, let’s be honest, animal rights are pretty much non-existent. If you try to find out about the ethical provenance of badger hair its all a little vague. Maybe no-one ever asks? According to the Badger Trust badgers are most commonly killed by bludgeoning or gassing and the skin is then peeled from the body. Maybe its time to find a greast synthetic alternative. Such a thing does exist, with smooth, nonabsorbent bristles it’s great for whipping up a lather, lifts hairs brilliantly and dries much faster than a badger hair brush. It’s considerably cheaper than an average badger hair brush too. Traditionalists probably wouldn’t be seen dead with a synthetic brush, of course, but then there are lots of people who wouldn’t be seen with a dead badger in their hands either.