We take a quick look ahead to the Spring/Summer trends for 2016 with our summary of the key trends and advice on getting ahead of the pack and wearing them now!

Trend: Suede

Suede is already well on trend for autumn 2015, but its set to continue into the warmer days of next spring! Suede is actually the perfect warmer weather material – provided the skies are clear and the temperatures aren’t stiflingly high.

So while its sheepskin and shearling style coats and jackets that are filling stores right now, it will be unsurprisingly lighter weight suede pieces for the warmer months.

From highly wearable slouchy suede Harringtons and slim-cut biker-style jackets, to shorts suits in the fabric, suede is the casual fabric of choice for SS16.

Trend: Animal & Jungle Prints

This summer it was florals, and we all baulked then went on to wear them in our droves, but it seems that spring/summer 2016 will see that bar raised, as we take a walk on the wild side of prints!

Jungle and animal prints abound, from in your face leopard and tiger print separates, accessories and outerwear, camo style prints based on monkey motifs.

This is possibly a trend where “less is more”, so easy does it! Keep the print to one statement piece and combine it with neutral tones of navy, black grey or taupe.

Trend: Green

Yes, it would seem that we are all going green in SS16.

star-burst-1160891Although military green trousers, shirting and outerwear are from a more subtle palette, we will also be seeing lime green streetwear and sea and jade green tailoring. This could be considered one of the easiest trends to follow as bringing more green into your existing wardrobe may be both effortless and economical. Every hue of green is out there so it’s just about choosing the right shade and tone to complement your skin tone and colouring.

We think the brighter and bolder colours work best as statement pieces, with the more sombre olives and darker military greens worn as neutrals.

Trend: Lightweight Layering

The idea of layering is not a new one when it comes to midlayers, but it’s a whiole different ball-game for outerwear. Until now, that is where the practicalities of the British climate have led designers to layer utility jackets over suits or top coats over blazers. This isn’t really a trend, more a modern and practical way to dress.

Simply add or remove pieces as needed, depending on the weather, but best to avoid heavier weight pieces or you will look like the proverbial Michelin Man.

However you intend to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe we’d love to see your style so send us your ophotos and we’ll feature some of them in our “Get the Look” blog.